Module 4 Learning Log 1: Teaching in the 21st Century

15 Oct

Diana Laufenberg’s TED video How to Learn?  From Mistakes is inspiring and challenging.  I had viewed the video before, from the mindset of a teacher.  I found Laufenberg’s message and class activities invigorating, thinking “this is EXACTLY what I want to do in my classroom” but struggling to reconcile what I am supposed to “cover” in a school year, with the challenge of having multiple preps, over 100 students, etc.  I know other teachers face the same challenge, but for some reason it takes too much brainpower for me to really employ some of the strategies and projects I want to do with my students.

This time, I watched the video from the mindset of a school library media specialist.  One thing that struck me was her message that students don’t need to come to school to get information, information is at their fingertips 24/ 7.  Though she doesn’t say it outright, what I think Diana is getting at by the end of her talk is that students need to come to school to learn information fluency (Fontichiaro, 167).  In other words, students can access all of the information in the world, but they will need guidance in analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing information.  I think Laufenbergy would approve of the AASL standards which ask students to find an evaluate information, address real world issues, collaborate with others, and create their own unique products.

From the mindset of a librarian, I also see how I could reconcile the stress I feel with changing some of my teaching strategies to a more 21st century style: Collaborate with my colleagues and the LMS!  I thought back to the short PPT we looked a in module one that described teacher styles in the library.  By paring with a teacher that has a different style than me, I could learn many more creative ideas or strategies to make complex and real – world style projects seem more “do – able” and by collaborating with the LMS I could find tools and an instructional partner to help me to carry out these strategies.

As a future LMS, I want to inspire teachers to teach like Laufenberg.  I will need to be ready with tools to help them, and a can – do attitude about trying new things and not being afraid to fail or have students fail in the process of learning.


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