Module 3, Learning Log 3: Multiple Intelligences

5 Oct

I found the Edutopia clip Multiple Intelligences Thrive in Smartville really inspiring!  I was impressed that very young children were self – determining the ways that they are smart.  Teaching students to metacognate about how they learn best will build their self – efficacy and self esteem when they are faced with a new task.  The students in the video could clearly learn independently.  Though the teacher gave them the task (which is necessary at such a young age) the video makes it seem like the students catch on quickly, and could complete the task without a lot of adult supervision/ guidance.  Another student mentioned that she liked learning real world skill and having adult responsibilities at school.  For such young students, I thought their level of Independence was amazing.
The message of the video is that capitalizing on student’s multiple intelligences creates a stronger community of learners.  One of the school administrators noted that her school shouldn’t look as “good” as what it does on paper because their population includes diverse and struggling families.  Yet, when students are given a chance to learn in a way that suits them best, high test scores are an inevitable result.
The challenge for teachers and librarians when teaching students with multiple intelligences to to break out of the barriers of their own intelligences.  We are no different than our students; we know which ways we learn best and tend to stick with them.  However, and I know I am at fault here too, we tend to teach in the way that we learn.  I tend to be visual, literary, interpersonal and interpersonal and I know my lessons end up coming off this way.  This is fine for students just like me, but others will miss out.  As teachers and librarians we should be seeking out strategies that help us fill in the gaps of our intelligences so we can reach a broader population.  Also, stretching ourselves as teachers and librarians will enrich us as well too.  We may find out about hidden strengths or creative ideas that we would not have conjectured before!


One Response to “Module 3, Learning Log 3: Multiple Intelligences”

  1. slm509cms October 8, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    You make a very good point that teachers need to go outside of their comfort zone and teach using intelligences that are not their strength. I am a very visual and kinesthetic person and I easily incorporate these intelligences in my lessons. However, it is much harder for me to incorporate intelligences like musical and interpersonal into my lessons. Incorporating intelligences that are outside of my comfort zone requires a conscious effort… I agree that all teachers need to make the effort to “break out of the barriers of their own intelligences.”

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