Module 3: Learning Log 2

2 Oct

Practice what you preach.  This age old adage has been one I’ve tried to uphold.  While doing the collaborative in-service project with my awesome group members, Christine and Lisa, I realized this adage has never been more true.  We have been told by our supervisors to incorporate more technology and 21st century learning tools into our lessons.  We have been taught how to use these tools in SLM 508.  We’ve used tools like Google Docs and Skype for personal reasons, but not necessarily for long distance collaboration.

Well, in the last 48 hours, I’ve used Skype and Google Docs/ Drawings in ways that I had not before.  Our team started off incredibly confused and disconnected but using these web tools that we “preach” we were able to collaborate, get organized, and create an inservice.  Granted, we are still working on the final details, but it was amazing to watch the presentation take shape even though we didn’t actually meet.

Based on my experiences with Skpye and Google Docs in this module, I would be more likely to use them in the future for collaboration.


One Response to “Module 3: Learning Log 2”

  1. slm509cms October 2, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    I absolutely agree! I set up a Google Doc in SLM 508 but ended up not really using it much. Consequently, I didn’t really learn all of the benefits of this tool. I even read Lisa T’s first blog entry back in Module 1 about the benefits of Google Docs. But it is only now, after you showed me how to make comments and edit, that I am starting to realize the true potential of this tool for collaboration. I love how all three of us can see each others cursor on the screen, make changes and discuss a document as if we are all looking at it on the same computer. When combined with Skype, it has made this process of long distance collaboration much more productive. It It is so true that the most authentic learning is achieved when you learn something when you need it!

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