Module 1: Using Tools for Collaboration

3 Sep

A tool that I have only recently started to use from Joyce Valenza’s “Fully Loaded” is Google Forms.  Google Forms makes it incredibly easy to create surveys that are accessed and tabulated online.  One of the best features of Google Forms is the results can be viewed in an Excel – like list or as a series of charts and graphs.  If you wanted to show the results of a survey as a presentation, the charts and graphs would be great for an audience to view.

Google Forms would be a really efficient way to communicate with stakeholders because the forms can be made relatively quickly, and filled out at the participant’s convenience.  The graphs and charts would be great visuals to interpret with the group of stakeholders once all of the results are tabulated.

I think Google Forms might best be used by a librarian in the preliminary and reflective stages of a project.  Here are some ideas:

– For teachers: Forms that ask about teacher’s readiness to use the technology already in the school.  The librarian could then meet with like groups of teachers to and present tools/ ideas that meet each staff member where they are.  Then, a follow up form could be sent out later to see if teachers feel that their readiness levels have changed.  A librarian could also poll teachers about types of projects they would like to try with their students to amass resources/ ideas to prepare for these projects.

For students: Forms about favorite genres, authors, periodicals, even library seating arrangements would show students that the library is really about their needs as learners and readers. A form could be made for students when they finish a project using library resources about what worked well for them and what didn’t.

For parents/ administrators: Forms could be made about what parents/ administrators expect  from  school librarian.  The librarian could then present how she is meeting those needs and know other areas where needs may be unmet.  Librarians could also show the results of student and teacher forms to parents and administrators as a way to illustrate aspects of her program.


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