Module 1 Learning Log 1

3 Sep

I feel as if I’ve been really slow in starting this class.  The first week of school has been so hectic, that I haven’t had time to settle down and catch up with my classmates who are burning up the discussion boards with comments!  Better get to it!  Of course I am excited to read Joyce Valenza’s article.  She was my high school librarian!  (Though, in high school I don’t think any of us realized how famous she was in the library/ information community)

I am incredibly interested in the possibilities that this course suggests.  As a teacher, I love working with my colleagues, sharing ideas, solving problems, and trying make our student’s educations worth their time and effort.  But, I know in the past, I have been one of those teachers who thinks up a project on her own and signs up for a time slot in the library without consulting our media specialist.  When this happens, my thought process is usually something like, “I’ve done this project before, I know I don’t need any help” or “Kayse (our media specialist) is so busy (working in two different buildings in our district) I don’t want to burden her with anything else.”  I know this is the wrong attitude to have and that I must be more purposeful about true collaboration (not just cooperation and coordination) (Fontichiaro, 238).  If I really want that project to be good, I should be taking advantage of all of the library’s resources, including Kayse because I KNOW she wants to help out the teachers and students in the building in any way possible.  I also really like the idea of students seeing collaboration between professionals.  It shows that the groupwork/ partnerwork we encourage in class is part of the real world.

In this class, I also want to develop a greater familiarity with the NETS and AASL standards.  I’d like them to become like a second nature, so that when I’m designing lessons for my history classes, I am incorporating NETS and AASL.



2 Responses to “Module 1 Learning Log 1”

  1. slm508lrl September 4, 2011 at 3:12 am #

    I agree that it is important for students to see the collaboration between professionals. After all, we are modeling what will be expected of them when they enter the work force. Often we are seen in one role only and students do not make the connection between their classroom content and the materials and technologies we are teaching them during media instruction.
    This year I will be teaching a block of third grade reading. During the first two weeks of school (yes, we have been in school for two full weeks already!) the students have been tested and grouped according to their reading level. During the appropriate time block I visited the two third grade classrooms to work with the students. When I first arrived I was asked, “Mrs. LeCompte, what are you doing in here?” I had to explain that I would be teaching reading to a group of students and that I was there to work with their teacher as we planned for the group I was going to work with. These students had never considered me working with other teachers, only other students in the building. If we are truly going to build a community of learners, it is going to be important for students to see collaboration taking place in a variety of ways – teacher to teacher, student to student, and teacher to student.

  2. Mrs.Johnson September 4, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Wow, 2 weeks! We’ve been back three days… Great example of collaboration, teachers, the librarian, and students all play a role in determining learning!

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